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The Little Pantry

The Little Pantry is a food pantry service that is open to all members of the community. Each week there is over 100 items to choose from with fruit, vegetables & bread also available. 

The Little Pantry is open every Thursday between 11am-1pm & 3pm-4pm.

Animal Welfare League

Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL NSW) is a registered charity that has been operating for 60 years. They provide expert care to surrendered, neglected and abandoned companion animals across NSW.

They believe that all companion animals in NSW deserve a safe and loving home. They strive to accomplish this through their work in re-homing, education and discount desexing programs.


Drought Angels

Drought Angels provides a unique service for which it is has become well known for within the rural sector.  Drought Angels is a small charity run by big hearts, who offer a listening ear, a warm hug and personalised support given to each family.


We like to tell our farmers that this is not a handout but a Thank You. “Thank you for all you do to put the food on our tables because without you we would all go hungry”.

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