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Saturday 2nd May 2020 - 6:30pm


Dozens of fires erupted in New South Wales prompting the government to declare a state of emergency in November 2019. More than 1 billion mammals, birds and reptiles lost their lives in the blaze. More than 1,600 RFS and volunteer firefighters worked tirelessly to put these fires out. We have over 52 brigades in our local command and over 400 men and women that assisted with the fires.

The Greens on William is a non-for-profit community organization that is passionate about supporting the community. We run a foodbank program for our community but with that we are able to provide food hampers to those affected by the drought, fires, cancer, domestic violence & poverty. We found this fire season to be extremely devastating, emotional and stressful. We had to find a way to help, a way to support and give back and make our volunteers really feel like hereos!

A lot of the funds raised through a variety of fundraising platforms have gone to those directly affected by the fires, animal rescue & rehabilitation, buying new equipment and food supplies which are all worthy causes. However, we wanted to do something specifically for the firefighters and emergency service workers that were on the frontline in our region.

Whether they were on the front line with the hose, driving the trucks, evacuating homes or working behind the scenes these remarkable men and women worked or volunteered days & weeks on end through terrifying conditions to protect our land, wildlife and homes.

We want to shout them a night out!

A night where they can let their hair down, catch up with their mates and have a good time full of delicious food, drinks and entertainment.

Have you wanted to give back or support your local firefighters but not sure how. Get amongst the Community Shout, donate today and shout a firefighter a night out. A donation of $100.00 covers 1 firefighter or emergency service worker a night out which will include their drinks, food and entertainment.

If you would like to say thank you to these wonderful men and women than leave a message with your donation and it will go up on the screen for them all to read on the night.

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